The KloHaeuschen Spa is Open.

Hello My lovely Spa goers!  Our KloHaeuschen Spa is now ready for business.  We had our grand opening last night and showed off the spa facilities.

If you are ready to have a spa treatment, All appointment times are on our appointment times page.  Select an appointment time and then email   I will reserve the time for you to experience the Spa and have a paraffin treatment 

We do have the option to do paraffin hand treatments.  I’m still working on how to incorporate this into the spa.  If you are not into facials and want to focus on your hands, please let me know in your email.

We may have a special Spa Paraffin Hand day for people who are interested in seeing what it is like to have a paraffin treatment.   We will announce on Facebook the date of the special promotion.

There are parts of the KloHaeuschen Spa which might interest you.  This artsy information will be shared on Emmy’s website.


KloHaeuschen is Ready to Open


Today I tested out the video sign for the front door and it works!  The front video will be displayed in the window.   I am using a projection film that is applied to the window so that I can project the video onto the door.  I forgot that you are looking at the back of the video so I have to work on that a bit. and flip the video upside down.  We will test that out in the morning.