The KloHaeuschen Spa is an idea created by Emmy Horstkamp and inspired by her Das KloHaeuschen venue and her recent installations  My True Self, and Will God Leave Me Alone.

In each of the above installations, Emmy Horstkamp incorporated encaustic wax masks made from a plaster mold of her face.  The process of placing the encaustic wax over her face resulted in a moment of surprising serenity and calmness.

Wanting to duplicate the experience for others, Emmy found that a similar experience can be created using paraffin wax which is a spa skin treatment.


In the KloHaeuschen Spa installation, Emmy takes the opportunity to incorporate the serenity of Das KloHaeuschen with the serenity of the wax.  Having observed that men go to the bathroom to relax and knowing women to go the spa to relax, Emmy decided to play with the idea of a public toilet house being used as an exclusive spa destination.

All appointments are scheduled in advance and all treatments are administered by Emmy Horstkamp.

Each treatment takes approximately an hour and payment for the spa treatment is voluntary through audio or video clips agreed to between the guest and Emmy Horstkamp.

After the completion of the installation, the video and audio will be used to create a video installation which will be added to a larger video installation about the soul and finding one’s true self.


The KloHaeuschen Spa is a place where the individual can take the time to become still enough to see themselves as they are and not how they perceive themselves to be.

As the senses are soothed with aromas and sounds, the mind is kept in the present moment through the creation of a paraffin wax mask. (a Beauty treatment.)  The wax is painted onto the face or the hands of the spa visitor and left on for 15 minutes.  After the removal of the mask or gloves, the spa visitor will be asked to look at themselves in a mirror or talk for 3 minutes.